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February 22, 2011


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nice. very nice. small IS the new big! i keep trying to simplify - not an easy task!

This is a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading the post. I just love that picture of the break room and the arrangement looks superb to me.

That's very nice to have them all cheap! And I congratulate you for moving in a bigger place which means bigger business of course. When you finished paying forward and have gained more money, try to reinvent your office interior. It is one of the factors that attract more customers and it also drives employees to work harder and happier.

Such a wonderful post.. Thank you so much for sharing an extremely informative post like you got in here. it's worth the read!

Jamie, congrats for having it for being lucky. Maybe, you can have more better than that!

Great method of designing a office furniture.. Very nice post and your very lucky too..http://www.vivamagonline.com/index.php Thanks for taking time to share with us.. Well done and keep on sharing more articles..

Lovely! I love how you put things into it's proper places just to have a more tidy table...

Ohh where did the drawer goes and the desktop? I'm afraid that you have thrown it away. LOL!

You have such a kind heart. Besides, having all the things that we only want does not value as much as those things that we needed. In your case downsizing is maximizing. I mean you cut down furniture to have bigger space to breathe in. And being comfortable to the work space means an increase in production and quality.

congrats for having it! you will have more than that just be yourself and stay with god always! god bless you jamie!

Such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing this in here, very insightful indeed!

Very nice! I love your office arrangement. It's very colorful and vibrant. I especially like the receiving area with the alternating frames on the wall. It gives a sweet and sensible personality on the room. If this is my office, I wouldn't mind working till late at night, hehehe.

I thought you were going to give some insight on furniture and not leave us hanging to decide.

Ha, thanks!It is expand my horizon.

Seven years seems to be a pretty short time considering all the changes that occurred in your business. It seems you went through a lot based on the space where you work, the number of employees you had that time, down to the experience you had from each and every one of them. In my opinion, for the next few years, there'll be tons of changes and challenges that will keep your business growing.

I love your office! It's so simple and smart. In a business, its only proper to have a good working environment for your employees. It boosts morale and keeps them comfortable at all times. Good luck on your business growth!

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