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November 18, 2010


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i'm smilin' huge right now. nice post Doll! :)

What a story! Just found your blog and been reading for an hour! I just moved to the Foster City area and been feeling kinda down about not finding a job etc. I'm in the creative field and been working on some products to sell on Etsy, but feeling it won't be good enough and destined to fail. After reading your post, I'm def. inspired. Thank you :)
BTW, congrats on the NY Times article!


Its a cute wall decor for a kids room. It looks adorable and lovely.

You must be persistant to get somewhere in this world and your persistant paid off. Your wall decor is cute. I need to continue to promote my web site www.babiestotoddler.com Please visit me.

Great idea indeed! They should welcome comments whether it is good or bad.

your blog is a real inspiration to me. i'm one not to give up, but lately i've be wondering if i was the only one that love my wall creations. After reading your blog, it let me know that "hey" someone, somewhere out there will give it a chance if i just keep being persistant. Thanks so much. You've really lift my spirit. May God bless you on your business.

Thank you for the kind words regarding my blog. I wish you the best of luck and hang in there!


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