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October 15, 2010


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@ New Balance 574, thanks for the comment. However my next thing to you is - huh? I have a mortgage so I get the "borrowing money". Maybe you want to extrapolate or give me something else to uh.....chew on right? I don't get your comment.

I think that is just a general spam comment to get people to his website.

She sounds like someone who has been watching too much Mad Men. I just wonder when women are going to start supporting each other in all we can do instead of knocking us down for choosing to have children and go after our dreams at the same time.

I hate Farmville and every other time-wasting game on FB. Who has time for that? I agree with some of her points but I think she's painting with a very broad brush here. I'll never be a millionaire at what I do, but I wouldn't do it and make sacrifices (just like every other hard working American) if I didn't love it and think it was worthwhile. She seems a little like a mean girl. FYI: I did start my business when my kids were babies and was it hard? Yeah. Do they hate me for it now? No. Did it get easier? Yeah.

Yikes? who had time for Farmville when there is Frontier ville? I play I get board I move on.
Business is way different.

Usually success and failure is just one step away,Life is a combination of success and failure. Both are needed

When I'm bored I'm playing farmville and frontier ville, I have a farm on both application. I'm enjoying it.

I like your counter arguments. Everyone who has the means to start a business can hold one - so long as he has the right tools and mindset for the job.

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