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October 05, 2010


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He's right on. I heard an interview with Malcolm Gladwell that talked about the 10,000 hour rule...you could become an expert after doing something for 10,000 hours, which I'm assuming you would only get to if you loved what you were going. My kids are well on their way...they like to have a 10 minute break after a soccer game before they run outside to play again, although they are also getting into baseball and football.

My son has the same dedication to baseball. Plays it every day after school, watches the MLB Channel incessantly, does the fantasy baseball league w/my husband and can throw out stats of any MLB player without blinking an eye (which he likes to tell me about every few hours to which I reply "oh, wow, I didn't know that"). He also has broken my car windshield and tail light in the past year practicing pitching in the front yard. I love his dedication to it and would rather that than him being inside watching tv. I have to say, for a ten year old, he might be considered an expert on baseball amongst his peers. Now if only my daughter had some of that same dedication to something, then I'd feel like an expert Mom. It's wonderful to set a great work ethic for your kids to follow....even if it manifests in to sports right now.

Nicole - thank you for the comment, and YES I read that book too and totally forgot Maxwell Gladwell said that! I am sure I will see you soon out on the soccer field with our crazy soccer boys. ;)

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