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September 13, 2010


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I know you may feel like you don't have anything to say right now, but give it a few weeks. We all hit spells where things feel like they're at a stand-still (mine always seems to happen around September). I love reading your blog posts. They are always on point and make me feel like I'm not alone in the crazy world of woman-mom-owned small business. I know we thrive on the constant activity of our businesses, but I'm learning to take the down time as a gift and take a much needed rest. Maybe it's the world's way of telling us - it's time to stop and discover something outside the world as we know it. Those creative writing juices will be flowing again soon. In the meantime - take a nap. You deserve it.

I'm still reading. :)

The economy has been so terrible and if were honest it has been for almost 3 years now. Its not looking to improve greatly over the next few months either, so we all have to put pen to paper and get our heads in gear and fight back against everything that is wrong with our businesses and work even harder than we have been. Christmas is coming and it should provide the economy with a slight boom - look forward to it and start afresh in 2011!
Heres to you!

Holly thank you for the comment and I agree, it is like this is the new norm - every once in awhile I get all melancholy and think of how it used to be...but this is where we are now. I am looking forward to 2011 too....good luck to you also!

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