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August 06, 2010


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LOL!!! My IT guy married me and then gave me a computer, and the internet and kids.

This was the same conversation we had with AT&T last week, as well as Xerox trying to get my printer to print wirelessly in the new office! OF course it's always the other person's problem and they all want to point fingers at each other. We even paid $25 to Xerox for a one time fix! Did they fix it??? NO! Still no printer for me.

Hoh, that really cracks me up! I mean, everything went well in the end, with you and your mom and the cast of AT&T collaborating and getting the internet connection fixed.

I've been working for an upstart company, and we're relying on some of these Boston IT companies to get everything IT-related in order. Guess if my workstation breaks down one of these, I gotta pay attention to how they'll fix it.

I am the owner of My IT Department and I happened upon this page as I was doing some research for my site. I was the guy that built, trained, setup or managed those IT guys that would come up to your cubical to fix the issues. After a number of my friends went into business in Long Island NY they had the same complaint as you. In general the transition from a corporate IT department to a small business IT solution can be an eye opener. The old adage, don't know what you got till it's gone is really applicable! Come on admit it you cursed the IT department at some point when you were at the The Learning Center!!!

I created my company and hired my staff from corporate IT departments and we run our business as a corporate IT department for small business. Obviously we are not always on site and we are here only for your business, but it shouldn't feel that way to you! Hence our motto My IT Department wants to be your IT department.

Unfortunately you are outside of our service area and you seem to have found a company you are satisfied with but if we could help in any way please feel free to contact me directly.

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