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July 25, 2010


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Thanks Jamie!!

Of course you were along for the whole ride, so you know how it all went down. There really is a whole lot more to the story that we will have to fill in later. You never want to kick a gift horse in the mouth, so complaining at this point might seem very ungrateful.

Yes, you definitely need to factor in hiring people, additional packaging, space. All of which we had to factor in. Space was a given. We needed more space, and quite frankly, could still probably use more space even with the new studio, but that will come in time. Also, you have to consider that there will be a time frame in which you have to cover the cost of all this before you are actually getting any orders. (You either need a great Father in Law or a great banker! I happen to be lucky to have both.) Samples and overnight shipping will more than likely not be covered by the large company, at least at the beginning. Nor will the first months rent, deposit, moving costs, phone, cable, DSL or production costs for the first batch!!

But don't let that discourage anyone. It's all part of the process and hopefully all balances out!

I should also mention you need a really great BFF like Jamie. Jamie, however, is NOT available, because she's on call 24/7 for me!! LOL! Just kidding, I will share, but seriously, I get first dibs!!

Loved your post, and I realy enjoyed hearing London's story. I have always been very curious about big companies like that. I wish her the best of luck, and I hope it goes smoothly! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Thanks Melissa - I hope it helps others out. Working with a large company can be a blessing to some and a nightmare for others. It is finding the perfect fit.

Ah London, I am hoping you become a multi-millionaire and take me a long for the ride. I am happy to be your Kato....I'll move into the house behind yours and just live off of you. ;) But in all seriousness thanks for kind words - it is quite an accomplishment you have here, you should be proud of yourself.

Somehow I don't see you being a Tennessee girl and leaving good old Cali. But I would love it and then we could finally merge companies! Bring it on!!

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's so wonderful to see that it can be done. I hope to join your side someday and be in PB and/or PBKids!

How long were you in business before getting "the call?"

Thank you! Sarah

Thank you Sarah - this was about London of My Little Dish (not me, but this my blog). She started her company after 9/11 and felt that we needed something special. I believe she has been in business about 9 years. Thanks for the comment.

Wow- what a ride! After years of working at big design companies (prior to starting my hand painted keepsake box biz), I know how incredibly long it takes to do private label with a big company. All of their color and design changes are based off of already approved color swatches and patterns in their line, so as a newcomer, it takes alot of tries to match their already exisitng product line. I remember the days of endless lab dip approvals and design changes that would cause me to stay waaay after regular work hours working with outside vendors. It's a big production but when it finally all comes together, it's worth it. Being "a small fish" now definitely has it's advantages though. Less stress, more family time, but of course, less money.
Congrats to London on conquering PBK!

Stacie - long time no talk in the blogosphere. ;) I hope you are well. Thanks for the comment. I think your points are right on, most people do not think it takes a long time. Even "over night successes" don't really happen over night. Working with a big company does not always guarantee more money though - it just depends on being at the right place at the right time.

Hi ladies...I need your help. I am wondering if you can give me any advice on licensing an IDEA to a company.
I am not able to patent my idea. Do large companies license an idea or brand idea from people? Sounds impossible.
I went to a seminar on licensing ideas to large companies...Stephen Key..InventRight.com. Of course he makes it sound easy.
I would love any advice you could give me. I'm a Mom of two with a very creative mind. My intuition tells me to go for it. Would I be wasting my time?

Feeling inspired by you all...thank you

Hi Sherryl,
Thank you for the comment - however London is just a friend she does not write the blog, I do. I am sorry but we have no idea about licensing ideas - we manufacture all of our own products. Good luck to you.


That is really inspiring. I been struggling with my business for a while now but found inspirations in reading this.


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