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February 01, 2010


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Wow! That's just wrong. It's businesses like that which gives online marketing a bad image. Good luck with trying to fix that wig. You might want to use some kind of adhesive to shape it into that beehive look. I'm not really sure if that would work though. :D

The color is not even remotely close. Also, the hair on the back of the wig near my neck is like a mullet. It touches my shoulders.

OMG! You make me laugh! That photo is hilarious...sort of looks like a prostitute mug shot.

What the store does is a false marketing strategy, and it's a wrong doing of so many companies. Maybe all you can do is fix it yourself, to look like the one in the picture box. If I received this also, I would get mad not to get exactly what is advertise. This whole thing is a total joke.

OMG!!!! You r always doing A great Job..


Dresses that you wear to graduation. If you have any links to places with nice dress, that would be very helpful. Its for a middle school graduation!

i like this part of the blog:"It was not good. Not to mention the wig was sporting a mullet. I was wearing a bright pink beehive mullet, I did not even know that hair style existed! This was bad....." is very good

yesterday i was looking for on this topic all day. your blog looks really interesting for me what I want to congratulate all the information and the work I do on his blog. good job

Great post. I recommend lace wigs instead of any other kind of wigs. Because it's made of human hair. It's best wigs. Also you can try human hair extensions. Everyone can have beautiful hair.

I can't imagine myself wearing a bee hive wig. thanks for sharing this.


I see that Blackwells in Oxford appear to have plenty as well so no hanging around if you are int hat area...go get

Hi there!
I have to thank you so much for this post. I know you wrote it over a year ago, but I was searching online hoping to find someone's experience wearing a beehive (I was going to buy one for Halloween but was very iffy about it).

This is the EXACT one I wanted to buy!! And I was also hoping it'd be a nice light pink, not some hot pink mess! I'm sorry about your experience, you really do take a chance buying something like a huge wig online! The guy was rather rude, but I hope other people find this blog and learn from your experience!

Thanks so much for this, you have saved me money and a hot pink mess of an embarrassment! haha

CORRECTION: Don is not the manufacturer of the wig. Rubies is the manufacturer of the wig and Don is a reseller. Rubies provides the image for the packaging. Every other store and site that sells that wig probably has the same image. Maybe Don was not as polite as he could have been, but the blame for the quality, or lack thereof, should be placed on the vendor. Pretty much all costumes and wigs are made overseas these days and are not that great. Great ones are really expensive. If vendors were held accountable for the quality of their products, maybe something would be done about it.

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