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January 10, 2010


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I swear, I don't have a store in Michigan but it sounds EXACTLY like a couple of my stores! It has been ANOTHER rough year and I screw up more than I would like BUT it's the stores like this that drive me over the edge! I can't wait to hear from these shops when I RAISE my prices next week! I haven't done so in 8 years of business! I have been strictly a CUSTOM order business, where the possibilties are endless aand the price is the same for a simple design or elaborate design( ALL hand painted, yes I have read your post on this, LOL) . I finally came to the realization that in order for my biz to grow there has to be stock designs and EVERTHING else will cost more. I'm sure I will lose some accounts and I'm sure they are going to be from stores like "Michigan". One more year is my motto AGAIN. One more year to see this business grow and if I can grow with it!

Well, you responded and handled the account professionally and exactly how it should be handled. They are obviously neophytes in business and probably are just "winging" their business. It sounds like you cut your losses (literally) at just the right moment giving them just enough opportunity to at least act like professionals (clearly they are not).

haha! Hysterical! I still stand firm - "IDIOTS!" I do love your response. Very professional but had the "up yours" under-tone." I mean, seriously people, get the details straight before you fly off the handle and really embarrass yourself . . . . you never know when it will end up on the internet!

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