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October 15, 2009


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I've been both! And, it still bugs me that women attack each other over their choices. What worked for me at one time in my life doesn't work for others or myself at another time. I wish we could be more supportive of each other and choices that are made instead of judging each other...seriously we aren't getting anywhere with that.

Jamie, you did great! I've only seen a few clips but you carried yourself well and respectfully shared your point of view. I'm sorry the producers misled you about the show. Dr. Phil had no intention of bringing mothers together. His business is about fueling the debate, any debate, because that makes money for him. This tension among women will continue until we decide to change the conversation ~ How can each one of us live our best life for the sake of ourselves and our families?

Jamie, you were in a nutshell "FAB-U-LOUS". You were poised and in control of yourself and that will leave an impression for your children to see, for years to come. By the way, your lipstick matched so wonderfully with your teal blouse.

I have been both a SAHM and a full time working mom. Truthfully I felt so much more pressure from single women in the work place about how I couldn't put in as much blood and guts as they could because I had to leave to pick up my children up at daycare by 6pm. And I would get the sneer and "cha" when I had to leave early to pick up a sick child.

You can try your damndest to be a supermom but something had to give for me. I couldn't take the backstabbing from those other women that I worked with, the accusations that I didn't work as hard as they did, even though I worked through lunch while they took their 1-2hr sushi breaks.

I ended up quitting a very nice career to be a SAHM. But really I was not a happy SAHM, and found the monotany of cleaning urine soaked toilets from boys who couldn't aim for anything, unbearable and depressing.

So I picked a middle ground much like you have and that has been the key for me. Although now I tend to get sneers and "chas" from the SAHM's with their french manicured nails and well dressed "GAPKIDS", when I mentioned that I have to work so can't make it to the PTA meeting. But with this part time gig I am able to drop the kiddos off at school, get some time to fulfill some of my dreams and then be there in the carpool line to pick them up in the afternoon.

I don't think it should be a debate with SAHM vs. Working Moms. It is a tradegy that we can't support eachother as women with different circumstances. As no two of us are the same or has the same responsibilities to adhere. Nor are our financial lives the same so we should not in all rationality make a generalized judgement about another woman as some of those women seemed to do on the Dr. Phil episode.

You did not point fingers you only stated your position in life and for that you did say enough for many of us.

Hi Jamie, I thought you did great! You looked great also. I don't think my teeth would have met their criteria...When it's all said and done, the bottom line is that being a mother is the hardest job whether you stay at home, work full time or part time and we should all respect and help each other any way we can!!!


You did great! By not stooping to her level, you showed who was the better person. As a SAHM, I support your decision 100% and I wish society didn't make us feel like we have to choose sides.

Jamie! That was weird. I watched the show and my jaw hit the floor when I saw what they were doing (obviously not known by you).
I was so proud of you! I even paused it and told my husband that you write this wonderful blog to help other moms. Anybody who reads your blog knows what a great person you are and you did sooooo well! I wouldn't have been able to say two words.
Its very eye opening to see media behave in this manner first hand. You did girl and don't regret NOT throwing your chair at Jessica. :)

Jamie!!! OMG! I just saw a commercial of the Dr Phil repeat and saw your face! Just watched it above, and you did GREAT! I'll have to watch it tonight and see the whole thing. That's CRAZY that you were on Dr Phil!!!!

The interesting comments of others!

jajajajaja sorry for this, is just anytime I see Dr Phill I remember all the parodies made it with this man, for example the one that appear in "Scary Movie 4".

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