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October 11, 2009


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You are a braver woman than I am! I sooo remember your post because it came shortly after I got attacked for one of my working mom posts. That was a rough month for working moms on SVMoms, wasn't it? Ouch!
Can't wait to see how it turns out!

I saw Laurel's FB post about your upcoming appearance on the show, so I set my DVR today so I wouldn't miss it. I think you did an excellent job, especially since you didn't knock out that crazy SAHM! I'm a SAHM for 14 years now and I so DO NOT share any of her ideas! Crazy, crazy woman! I have never understood the mommy wars....simply ridiculous as we all are doing the same thing....what's best for our kids and family.
I enjoyed reading your post about your journey to the show. Thanks for sharing!

I was there too. Working mom who stood up and rambled, cause I ramble..you were FABULOUS!! My husband even said so!

Haven't seen you on the show because I don't care for Dr. Phil. But if I can bring myself to watch him, I'd like to see you on there. I remember your post because I'm a hybrid Mom (work part time from home as a consultant to a university), but anyone who sees me at school thinks I'm a SAHM. Just want to say that I never knock the working Moms and I frequently watch my friends' kids for them when they have to work (and many of my SAHM friends do the same for me). We're all in this together people. I have no idea why the people where you live were mean to you. Maybe it's an area where all the moms stay home so they don't get it? Also I know that I sometimes tell my working Mom friends that I'm embarrassed when I see them at school drop-off b/c they are showered and look nice and I don't. That could be a factor too. Or they're just jerks. Always a possibility! Sounds like you had fun going on Dr. Phil.

The energy and passion of the group was apparent from the first empathy exercise held in the parking lot behind Know Knew Books. That excitement plus their extreme curiosity pushed them to get rich insights from interviewing people all around Cal Ave. They then took those insights and designed unique prototypes Friday afternoon.

Great !!
Very informative information..
I enjoyed reading your post about your journey to the show. Thanks for sharing!

Dr. Phil show is the most incredible stuff I've ever seen in my whole life!

goes on to everything in life has a sense, I admire you for sharing this post

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