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July 13, 2009


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good to hear from you again! It's always good to take a break and breathe a bit from the blogging world. LOVE these plates! great idea!! They remind me of the YOU ARE SPECIAL plate that we had as a family when I was a kid. Good to see you back blogging, and hope things are better than your first week in june:)

Glad to read that things are still "going"

Honestly, it's a good thing you've been taking a break. We could all feel your desperation and it was coming out in quite a few negative posts. That to me said, "Break time" and your subconscious must have realized that. You sound more hopeful now, despite the downturn and it's refreshing.

Hi Jamie-

Love the pea pod birth certs....really cute!

-Stacie Dale

Funny BFF! and no need to apologize :)

Aaaahhh, new adventures. New hurdles to jump and fires to put out. But I'm super excited and couldn't be more thrilled that I'm doing it with the best of the best!

Thank you for this great blog information!I'm finding this whole blogging world a great resource for any topic, and really inspirational.

You have an awesome blog. Your a free-spirited person and I love your attitude. Rock on

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