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April 22, 2009


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ok so what your saying here is that Right Start is dying a slow horrible death but still saying "come closer I must tell you something..."?
xing fingers other clients are atleast trying to continue to do real business, with ethics!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am now aware about this company.

Wow Jamie....I love your strong nature! Some people don't have that. My work is prepaid with everything but if i ever have a situation, I'll never forget this post...Thanks!

Jamie I adore you!!! We are just little grains of sand to the so called "big companies" who step on us as if we do not matter at all!!! I admire you for speaking out. It may seem as if it is just falling on deaf ears but to all us small hard working companies... we feel your pain!!!
Before I started my own business, I worked for a childrens accessory company and I went to the atlanta and NY gift shows numerous times. I remember the feeling when the big companies walked into our booth. We would practically fall at their feet and do anything they asked. We would jump through hoops for them, blinded by their dollar signs!! And they knew they had that power over us too!! But without us they would be nothing!! We work hard to create products that they need to survive. We work hard to conform to their demands when they really should be conforming to ours. I always go the extra mile to be sure anyone who receives my product is 100% satisfied.
I am so happy that with the changing times more and more people are going to the internet to purchase products. Women have been creating amazing websites to sell our products on. And the best part is that they pay before I dropship. It is because they get it!! They understand the importance of treating their vendors fairly. They understand that we are the ones who create the products and ship in a timely manner which is a direct reflection on them. I respect these women and understand that running a website and keeping it fun and fresh takes alot of time and effort. It is hard work and extremely time consuming!!
I go the extra mile to be sure their customers are happy because I care about their business succeeding too!!
Lets continue to be strong in small numbers and work with each other to create our own force in the business world!!!

You should update your posting to reflect that rightstart has been sold to Liberty Media and they are in the process of rebuilding with new management. Perhaps you two can date again if your not too bitter.

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Very nice! This blog helps me a lot to gain info. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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