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March 16, 2009


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Well. I couldn't agree with you more. I attended a blog conference and listened to some bloggers say how they get free stuff, use it, blog about it and then turn around and sell it on Ebay. Turned my stomach completely. I seriously haven't been the same since. And when I see product reviews I don't trust what is being said... And I appreciated your honesty and frankness...It's refreshing!

I like your blog, I love your honesty, and I appreciate your energy. Do what you do because it makes you who you are.

I just can't believe blogging gets people free stuff! :) I should blog and get things!

Actually though, I think it's smart to not mail things out to someone who isn't a full professional...

For the record, I *totally* remember the prom queen.

Bravo on not sending products for review. As you are well aware, a piece in an actual newspaper or magazine or what have you is worth like a bazillion mommy blogger posts. Not that it isn't nice to get the posts, but that can be a very incestuous world and will not necessarily result in sales...which is...after all...why you would bother in the first place. Would you rather have 1000 people see a post and comment on how cute the product is, or 10 people put down a magazine and actually buy it?

I really cannot agree more (and I so appreciate your honesty and candor). I always send women who are starting a new business to your blog as you are soooo relevant. I do not send my products to mommy bloggers anymore (nor do I advertise on any of these sites). I did it when I first started out but with the same disappointing result...no sales, very little hits. I am a big fan of word o mouth advertising....offer a great high quality product and exceptional customer service. Works for us!

Sometimes the internet just sucks of "giveme":0

ahh - mommy blogger reviews. I'm a mom - and a blog - but I guess i don't consider myself a mommy blogger.

i've been thinking of having some do reviews on my heat relaxers (www.heatrelaxer.com) - but after reading this, i'm going to take your great advice and only offer reviews to press/magazines/tv shows. I guess I need to start spending a bit more time figuring THAT out!

yeah- i've noticed on the few mommy blogger reviews I've received - there weren't too many sales as a result... but i don't regret doing them either.

Very informative article!!
i was really bother to the I Don't Do That
but nice ideas ..
keep posting .
thanks for sharing your blog!!

I just have to say it's really nice what you're doing here. Really hard nowadays to actually see persons who enjoy speaking about their business and actually helping other people succeed. And I also agree there truly is no magic formula, 90% you'll have to learn on your own, the other 10% is boosts other people give you :)

For the girls, there's Molly Ringwald as the film's angst-ridden centerpiece. Ringwald is engaging and credible. For the boys, there's a bright, funny performance by Anthony Michael Hall, a hip freshman wimp called Ted the Geek.

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