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March 09, 2009


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You are kind and hilarious -- and so damned honest. Congratulations on the Blogher ticket. I expect a full written report, and lots of pictures of shoes!

Have fun at Blogher! I think it's good that you are going. You always listen to your gut and if gut says "go", then you should. I agree with not exhibiting at any trade shows...not much out there to trade with stores going OOB. My gut has been telling me to do something new ( actually something old that I did years ago). I'm starting a line of hand-painted dresses to go along with the hand-painted keepsake chests. While business is still surprisingly good for me, I feel like now IS the time to try something new. If nothing else, it gives me a new focus and helps me stop thinking about the economy. Your blog is great and you should nurture it just like anything else you love doing.
PS-Why are good sales reps so hard to come by? I can't even get them to return my emails or phone calls. I feel like giving up on wholesale totally!

Hey - I will email you about my thoughts on Blissdom {since I went} Funny, I sorta felt the same way you did about Blogher! But I will tell you why in the email {comment spot is not the best place for what I have to say!}

talk soon!

I have no idea what i'm missing by not going ot Blogger but I think I read it's a bit like Highschool? :P And yet I still want to go, but Canada air fairs to US, are like robbing banks. I could bop over to Maine and fly over but I hear they are sold out, and I can spend that money on my sippycup addiction

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