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January 27, 2009


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Great post! I'm cheering you on Jamie!

With friendship,

Another great "tell-it-like-it-is" post Jamie. We're all having to cut back. I may end up stopping production on the new products I just introduced three months ago in order to keep cash in the bank. I don't want to do it, but as you said, these are the tough choices a small biz. owner has to make. I'm fearful of spending now with the next year looking so bleak. These are tough times with no room for slack. I've been doing this now for over 11 years and I suppose we can't always have things go our way but I figure if I've been in it for this long, now is not the time to give up but it might be time to reinvent ( which is always exhausting and full of bumps in the road!). Everybody has that inner voice that tells you the right thing to do. We just need to listen to it more closely these days.

I guess I'm like you, I never really consider closing an option. It may be a reality, but I wouldn't do it willingly. I think the strong and strong willed shall survive. For the other companies that use us as their banks (inspirational or otherwise)I think it's natures way of proving, what goes around comes around.

Jamie, if anyone can do this, you can. You have the know-how and the determination to make things work. Good luck. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

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Believe in karma and everything will be all right.

interesting blog! i read your past blogs and it was awesome, i really enjoyed reading your post, i could actually relate of some of your post. :D

she got same style with lady gaga. hmm... is it? though she appears first than Lady Gaga
i couldn't watch the video. *sigh*

Wow these are popular - look at all the responses. I am going to try my level best to use them and not just keep and gloat, but will try and match them up to the recipient

which will be interesting.

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