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January 05, 2009


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Hi Jamie-
Those are good goals for the year! Regarding the lead testing, I've read and re-read the guidelines for the CPSIA law and have concluded that although my products are not sold for use by children, I am still going to have the lead testing done. Chemical Solutions Ltd. in Mechanicsburg, PA is a CPSC accredidated lab and said they can test my keepsake chest for $90. Not the $500-$4000 I have been hearing. I plan on submitting a sample this week for testing. I am also disclosing my manufacturer's names/addresses as required by the law and enclosing all of the proper information with every order beginning 2/1/09 as required and posting test results on my website for retailers to view. Like I said, I technically don't fall in to the children's toy, clothing, furniture or baby care product categories, but I want to have the testing done anyway to put at ease any customer, retailer, or insurance company who may want to know our products are lead-free.

love the new banner!!

Hi Jamie, I am teaching an art class also. An artist's gotta do what an artist's gotta do! Sounds like you are busy, which is a good thing. This testing thing is a giant pain, isn't it?? Take care, Kelly

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