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December 10, 2008


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Hey! That's my quote, but I'll share it. As you told me last year, WOW! You told the world!

What an exciting development, Jamie! Good luck and may you find the perfect person to help you grow your business.

Hi Jamie-
That's a tall order. There's one thing I know for sure about myself....I'm an absolute control freak. This why I know that my business will always stay the pint-size one that it is and I'm Ok with that. I'm happy with the orders I receive and I like doing everything myself becasue I am an absolute control freak. Kudos to you for being willing to hand those aspects of your business over to someone you can trust. It's a very difficult thing to do but as you said, you must if you want the business to grow. If there are many other retail outlets out there that you feel you haven't tapped in to, then you should partner with someone who can get you in to those places you want to be. You're a determined lady so I know you'll attract someone who is just as determined as you are and has your company's best interests at heart. Keep your spidey senses sharp when looking and best of luck in venturing ahead!

Hello Jamie!

I stumbled on your post as I was looking for a new business, or partner, or something...lol I sold my ecommerce business a couple of years ago, and need a new project. While I doubt this is a match, I do have a suggestion for you...seriously, you need to fix your website :) Your homepage will never be found by anyone, as it is mostly an image, with no text for the search engines to pick-up, and you put so many words in your meta tag, you're probably getting busted for text spamming. Your second pages have really exciting title tags like "My Products" :) In all honesty, you need to scrap what you have and buy a CSS SEO friendly template, toss in your own images and then you could at least have a handful of people find you. Of course, if you then added a little viral marketing, and people like/talk about your products...you'd be a sensation!

Sorry, couldn't resist tossing in my 2 pennies worth here.


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