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October 07, 2008


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Totally agree...the person who doesn't use the computer is uncommon and I too regard them as a little slow minded. haha


You have an great office there, glad to see that you are happy using it to surf online and post on your blog!

Thse apps really make everyone's life easier!

I love the beach vacation! We enjoyed the sun, sand and sea. And better yet, when we do it together with the people we want.

While technology can be helpful, using it too much can be counter productive. For instance, checking your e-mail more than a couple times a day wastes a lot of time. It is easy to get caught up with technology and lose the things that really make the progress.

I am just like you, i cant imagine how to survive without my computer or the internet. I wonder where we will be in 20 years... will the internet still exist?

Great post! I can't even believe that people exist that are still using fax machines and don't check their email every five minutes. I feel like every aspect of my life is covered by some avenue of technology. It's a great thing, everyone should embrace it

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