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October 07, 2008


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Nice post...I have wayyyyy tooo many tech gadgets and sites...hard to keep track!

Life without my Blackberry... never... its impossible.

I don't love my blackberry but it is an essential part of my day - however it also has its down side.

I was at a conference (for lovely marketing peoples like myself) and I needed the toilet.

Whilst standing at the urinal, the bloke next to me was talking on his bluetooth handset, whilst sending an email from his blackberry.

Did he look important? Yes

Did he wash his hands? Yes

Did I refuse to shake his hand at the seminar? Most Definately

Did I tell everyone else in the middle of the seminar? Without Question!

That explains how technology is merging into our lives and its gonna be more of it. We are always connected and our needs and applications are also increasing. It helps when you can make things work for you like this.

While technology can be helpful, using it too much can be counter productive. For instance, checking your e-mail more than a couple times a day wastes a lot of time. It is easy to get caught up with technology and lose the things that really make the progress.

Technology has really come a long way hasn't it ? I know exactly what you mean about checking email, though I have resisted the temptation to check for new email messages while I've been writing this comment at least lol.

I thought life without my BB would be tough, but now its life without Twitter... I am addicted to it and getting followers!Its crazy... an obsession.. I am so sad.

hahaha..I'm addicted to so many things, it's become normal..

It's almost impossible to servive in todays world without being on a computer all the time I find myself spending more and more time on mine.

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Yes it is right same thing is happen with me.
now a days internet become a part of our life. without internet you could not walk with growing world. So checking email is very common activity and now a days i-phone is also become popular. This is good activity
for your normal life. but if you want real peace and harmony then obviously you should not addict to the internet or i phone whatever electronic devices get popular now and in the future.

Thanks for sharing about your regular activity.


I am just like you...I use the computer more often than I drink water...and when I see people that don't know how to use a basic computer's functions I'm amazed...and I'm not talking about old people here. People about my age.

Agree with your point of view

Idealism, optimism and a chance to influence a better tomorrow are all here with our remarkable students

Amen, theres no shame in my nerdism ;P

yeah...it is really, really, difficult to exist without email and internet. We are sooo dependent on it these days!

Gadgets are cool however, they tend to occupy the most of our time these days, so that we end up with no free time. Gadgets are very useful but also a big stress contributor. I do have lots of gadgets, however I try to follow some strong rules:
- all my gadgets are turned off during night time.
- they stay in the locker-room while I'm at the gym or taking massage sessions
- they stay away from me while I'm eating.

This helps me to have time for myself and detach from the every day stress. Else I would end up like many other and stay behind a computer all day and have thoughts about how to lose weight!

Internet has become part of everyday life, I'm pretty sure my life would be boring if I don't have access to internet even for a day. I can relate to what you're saying here, you're not alone :)

I don't know what I would do without my computers or the internet, for that matter.

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