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October 01, 2008


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I agree 100%. My business has dropped by more then 50% because of the economy. When the bigger guys go under.. so do the small guys... and in turn I stop spending...
You always hit it on the mark. Thanks for such a great post!

Yet another good reason to support small businesses, especially now.

jamie, jamie, jamie.
I've been there..done that. (ummm..the NOT being paid part!)only YOU could make such a touchy subject so comical... you always brighten my day! (sorry you weren't paid):)- shell

oh my dear. You tell it so well. In fact, I think all your readers will agree that sometimes it is so hard how to make sense out of all of this...trying so hard to push through really tight times. but you are right...every dollar counts. and I am so impressed how you can articulate it so clearly. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES!!! is all I can say:) Thanks girl.

I'm feeling you right now Jamie...same here! Slow sells...down about 50% as well. And, I was just thrown a curve ball by an established channel that I've had a wonderful realtionship with for the past 3 years...went out of business and never paid last three invoices...over $300. As far back as May. Said, "oh, please know that I've brought the invoices home and would never do that to you (not pay). Now it's October and still nothing. Definitely not holding my breathe waiting to get paid :0)

Hi Jamie;)

Thank you again for your nice words on my post. I smiled all day!

You hit it right on the mark again! Net 30 seems to have become net 90 and yes against original contracts. Hold orders! Suspend accounts! This has definitely made my heart skip a few beats in the last year. I am sure many of us think “Do I go back to doing what I use to do?” Or try to make it through the next-hopefully few months.

I hope everyone has a nice autumn weekend!

Sorry to hear you have trouble with some of your resellers. That sucks.

The economy is heading for a huge nose dive.
So far, I haven't felt the effects, yet. Everytime the value of our dollar goes down, the international orders make up for it, but I don't expect it to stay that way for long.

I am so sorry to hear the news. You hit it right on the nail. My business is service related--writing and e-books. My sales have dropped dramatically, too. Luckily, only one client didn't pay. It was for $100.

It's so tough right now and to think that these presidential elects want to tax us more. Not sure how it's going to get any better, but I sure hope it does.

Far too many companies having to close their doors--good companies, too.

Ugh! I totally feel your pain - so many companies have up and closed shop with outstanding invoices this year! One store cleaned out her store in the middle of the night right after she said she mailed a check to us! How can these ppl live with themselves?!

Thanks for sharing your experience, Jamie. I noticed you didn't add in the extra time you and your employees had to spend calling/emailing/writing these companies. How much money would you be out if you factored in those expenses?
On another unrelated note... do you ship your product to the companies or directly to the customer that ordered your product? It seems it would reduce the shipping costs and amount of waste spent on shipping materials if you shipped directly to the consumer, no?

im so sorry to hear that my friend! by the way! i enjoyed reading your post! very inspiring and interesting! thanks for posting and sharing that! kee doing it!


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Ugh! I totally feel your pain - so many companies have up and closed shop with outstanding invoices this year! One store cleaned out her store in the middle of the night right after she said she mailed a check to us! How can these ppl live with themselves?!

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