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August 02, 2008


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Aw, Jamie, thanks for the sweet words about my blog. You can come say nice things at My Tiny Kingdom ANYTIME!

Luv ya--


wow! this is great advice! you're so good at writing and expressing what you have to say. i have such a hard time communicating even if i have something i want to say. sooooo... good job! thanks for sharing and I'm gonna try to "give" more : )

Thanks Jamie, wow the info is so helpful. I have so much to learn. I have to go back and read and re-read the information. I also will be visiting the other links so that I can polish up my blogging.

Hi, Jamie! I'm GREEN, as in novice to the blog. Thankfully, I'm being encouraged by my friend, Michelle Allen, who forwarded me your HELPFUL link! I've only 1 post & commented on 1 (now 2) blogs. (And, I see I've already made a blog faux paux... eek!). I've created a fancy new header & have tons of pics and ideas ready to flow, but my start is slow due to need for knowledge. So, thank you so much for sharing your info!!! I'm enjoying reading your entries & am grateful for people, like you, helping make the learning easier. While reading your entry, the word "stress" caught my eye as an entry on your posts & my artistic A.D.D. took me to the ADORABLE pic of the sad baby cowboy! Back to reading. Just HAD to stop & say 'thanks'!

Hi Jamie! Great information - I found your site a few months ago - and even referenced it in my blog - when you featured an interview with Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. I really appreciate you taking the time to recap what you learned from BlogHer - helpful because I didn't have the opportunity to go. Thanks again!

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