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May 04, 2008


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Wow. You actually write very well.

That need to please, and be liked by everyone, and apologize, and explain... I can relate. I'm sure many women can relate. But you blog it really well. Not everyone can write about it so well.

I am one of your subscribers now, and trust me, I am NOT expecting daily masterpieces. Just some honest writing that gets me thinking about my own life. You seem do be great at that. :)

You've been on my "blogs to check regularly" list for awhile now - and i always enjoy reading what you have to say and adoring your cute artwork. Thank you for taking the time to amuse and inspire all of us readers!

:) and may i add, could Stella be any cuter??

You continue to inspire and amaze me!! I am so often in the same boat - I am a people pleaser. I even find myself only wanting to blog about the positives and not bring others down, because I always want to make everyone happy. You have done a fabulous job of keeping it real and sharing your story, and I enjoy every post (as few or many as there may be!). Keep up the great work!


Oh, can I please add...Stella is absolutely adorable!!

Love, love, love that sweet little new puppy of yours!
I can completely identify with lots of projects taking you in different directions! Gotta love the challenge of it all, though, don't you?!

Hey Jamie!!! I could have written this same thing (except the puppy part!), but all about being on overload and beating myself up for not doing more (isn't it YOU who always tells me to not be so hard on myself???). It's the over-achievers in us, I know I'm personally always thinking I can do more more more...but it's not true. Now, like you, I'm going "what have I done?"

Yet, we plug on and on..

Also, how the heck do you keep your blog banner updated so well? seems like it's always new.

Happy Mother's Day!

So nice to get to know you..lots of cool things happenning hear..love your heart..that soccer event will be so cool..just add glitter...Jennifer

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