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May 14, 2008


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You are not a sell out. We are in the business of giving people the kind of gifts they are looking for. Some of my best sellers are my least favorite designs. Oh....and going over the edge is good sometimes. HAHA!

Oh, I love the pink and brown! I think the pink ribbon wins...but the brown does look great too.

Hi Jamie~
Personally I like the brown ribbon better. I agree brown is the new black and so much easier to wear than black.
I'm not sure about what to say .Names or saying probably whatever you best seller is. I like the design it's very pleasing to the eye.
Lately I love short little saying like.
Be Amazing
Be Blessed
Be Happy
Be Inspired
I could go on and on , but I will spare you my list.
Hey~ love your new puppies name!

I prefer the pink ribbon. And I think you've done a stellar job of taking the brown & pink and really making it your own. The piece doesn't scream passing trend; It's unique and tasteful. Nice work!

I think what is great is that you have taken a current popular color trend and made it your own. The overall design of this piece is authentically yours ,fitting in with your full collection seamlessly.

as a former art student, i agree with you regarding critiques. i also learned bunches during those excruciating minutes dissecting my "baby".

with regard to the ribbon... i think the brown is more eye-catching. it looks fresher and more "now". the pink ribbon is classic and will always appeal to those with more traditional tastes.

btw, i found you via svmoms or deepsouthmoms.

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