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March 20, 2008


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Hi Jamie, It is true girlie stuff always catches my eye...and in this case the Bugs and Butterflies one really stood out, not only for the bright colors but also the border and/or framed look of it. I do like the princess one also....yes, maybe with the crown. I think you have it on one of your prior blogs. Even though I love pricessee stuff you see it everywhere so then I wonder if you should do something different. I hope this helped!!

I love the castle best! Perfect for a princess!

Also love your blog...I read it religously!

BTW, you've been tagged:

With friendship,


That Dear SAHM post was really passionate. I'll not comment either way on the subject matter though. As I'm very passionate about my feelings on it. I, too, am a tell-it-like-it-is-person.

I love #2 "Safari Guide Dudes" just because it really shows your style off. It's so cute and whimsy. I look at it and smile. Although everyone else seems to go with the girly girl things which is a safe way to go. But a tad trite. I can't wait to see what you decide.

I love the butterflies one and the safari one the best. Don't you get two ads? Use one for each. You really did great work! I read your passionate post and wasn't offended. i know people take things differently. Some read things into it that others don't, so I'm not saying anyone is wrong in their feelings. But since these were comments made to you by other women, I don't understand how someone could take offense to it. Keep your head up and just accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I guess. It's a shame we are all women and feel this need to play tug-of-war with each other instead of showing respect and supporting each other.

I like Safari and Castle...very sweet!

this is funny, you had said you hadn't heard from me... i had read this post the other day and thought for sure that I had commented on it but i'm looking and if i did it didn't go through. i also went and read your sahm post and all the passionate comments that went with it. i was overwhelmed by the time i got to the end of them!

my vote is #1, especially coming into summer : )

You will like this....

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