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February 11, 2008


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Hi! Just found your blog - blog hopping. Jon & Kate + 8, to emtannerdesigns, to YOU. And I thought I'd keep you company since you were sad you had no comments... :) I'm an artist, myself, and just THOROUGLY [no sarcasm!] enjoyed all your posts about starting up a business, or just general advice on a home business. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT INFO! I bookmarked a few sites, I'll read later when I'm doing more "research".

I've been in business 3-4 years or so... and am at the "stuck in the basement by myself" phase. And although I want my business to take off - I'm scared of things getting too crazy & not being able to handle it. As it stands now, I mostly take care of my friends/family & their friends/family. Occasionally I get internet orders, but more often than not I know of the person. And I love that! But when I get down in the dumps because I'M STUCK, I get mad that I'm not pushing myself further.

I admire you for taking it to the level you're at now! You go girl!!!!! So many are dying to get where you are! Congrats on the studio/warehouse! :)

Your kids are PRECIOUS!!! I'll bookmark your blog & will drop you a line when you need it! ;) - RET

p.s. I live in Kansas City & have been in Marshmallow Kisses [the Parkville/ZR one]! It's CA-UTE.

Hi Jamie! Just thought I send a hello your way - love the new space! It has got to feel so great to have a room of your own - to be able to go in, close the door and just be creative. What a dream...

#1: you can buy a new stapler. Or, if you want, I'll buy one for you.
#2: Flowers are absolutely a necessity, especially if they make you feel good.
#3: I love your blog. I love that you share your advice and experiences so freely.
#4: You know this already, but I am jealous to pieces over your office space.
#5: So there...I have office envy.

Your new office looks great Jamie! Now I am sitting in my office wanting to repaint instead of work :)

Okay, I'm with you sista! Don't understand the whole comment thing or what gets people to post them. As bloggers, we love feedback, even if it's just a one liner. I don't care so much who they are, not looking for personal info, just a little encouragement that someone is finding it helpful.

Oh, and it's fun to see the ins and outs of running a business, whether from home or from your huge office space, but I can do without the cupcake photos and recipes. I'm reading for business "Hot Topics", tips and advice.

You know I fell in love with your blog for the things you wrote about. Don't lose your focus, that's what is great about you!

Jamie...I think we all have blog comment envy from time to time...LOL!

Love your new space!!!!

With friendship,

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