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February 26, 2008


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You knew I was going to comment, right? ;)

Like you, I've worked my tail off for the press my company has received. I am constantly looking for new avenues of publicity, and while it's all good and nice, I'm not sure what kind of an impact it's made for me.

I received the best, most important, national publicity of my career this past fall from a major home dec magazine. It was from a product pitch at an open pitch event last March, and I was one of the winners (out of about 130, they picked 9, so that was amazing in itself).

The feature ran in November, which you would have thought would be fantastic since it was right before the holidays, but in reality, it was nothing like I imagined it would be. I did not sell out of anything. My website did not go crazy and I did not get knocked offline by the flurry of visitors and orders.

But, I did get more traffic, I did get orders, and I think what national publicity really does for you (besides exposure) is create and establish credibility. It's all wonderful in the long run.

As far as celebrity endorsements, I have no idea. I know a certain Grey's Anatomy star has one of my aprons, but she hasn't worn it to any Oscar event. That, I know.

I love this post. You are so right here and as a new business owner, I struggle with how to spend my time and efforts. Most recently when we received all of our celebrity press at the Boom Boom Room, I was joking with my husband...all of the sudden my business had credibility with all of those people in my life who knew that I had been trying to start a children's clothing company. They all thought that I worked 3 hour days and was home having sewing parties or something. Once they saw Denise Richards and Jason Priestly holding my products, then I was something, I was "successful". But I come back to your arguement, how beneficial is it really to have a celebrity smile with your product?? This last event was worth it for us, mainly because of the other PR that came as a result.

I try to spend a little time every week sending out emails, trying to get our name out there. And you are exactly right, I send at least 30 or so emails with no response for every one that receives some type of result. I have quickly learned that you can have a great product, but if no one knows about it, you will never make it to that profitable point that can sustain a business. And I must admit, seeing my product in the media does give me that little excitement deep inside that makes me feel like my efforts are worth it, that hope that I really will make it there one day!

I read this the day you wrote it and I have been thinking about it ever since. I wasn't quite sure what my answer would be to the age old question, if Britney wears your shirt (and she hasn't) what would that mean? What I have seen since doing the Boom Boom Baby Room? Women at a trunk show or an expo or a craft fair would trample one another to get that last tank top "just like the one Tori Spelling got." I have made contacts with other small business owners that I met in LA that are now helping launch my business on the west coast.

I have trunk shows, for heaven's sake. The first trunk show I ever attended was my very own. I don't have that buying gene and it amazed me to watch it all go down. Grant it, I'm making significantly more money than I was two months ago, but is that because my blog readership has gone up, because I successfully use social platforms like twitter to launch new products or because I have a good thing going? Who knows?

Loved, loved, LOVED your article. Still holding out to see my stuff in US Weekly. Or just sit on Oprah's couch. LOL.

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