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February 15, 2008


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I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I watned to say that it is amazing! I am hooked and had to force myself to get up and not read it all. Great info and nice to hear someone talking about their experiences in the business!

I think you have to also consider this as part of "the cost of doing business". In other words, it may not pay off immediately like Jamie said, but not everything pays off right from the get go. Although it can be disappointing, I also think you need to give it more time to make a fair assessment.

Aside from the monetary pay off you are expecting to see, it also helps validate your business and can actually open doors to other reps that may bring in more business. It's not always about what one channel can bring, but what is perceived by being associated with them. By building your sales channels, you are letting people know that you have a product that others can sell and want to sell.

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