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January 14, 2008


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Very well said! I enjoyed reading it very much! You might like a post I read a few months back - I really liked her perspective on competition - http://formattingtest.blogspot.com/2007/05/we-only-need-piece-of-pie-not-whole.html

Happy New Year!

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Well said! As an artist & independent business women, I agree that competition brings out the "survival" of the fittest in the business world.

Many folks think that bringing prices down will help them compete....NOT! People want a bargain not necessarily "cheap" product; if you price your goods well below the market value, people will ask themselves...what's wrong with this...plus if you ever want to do wholesale , your going to lose money.

I love your attitude...bring it on!

Beautiful tiles...keep up the fantastic work and kudos for "differentiating" yourself in the market place!

I love your style of writing! And you make some very valid points. The worst kind of copying? Is when the larger big box stores (with very deep pockets)find a product, trend or "look" and mass produce it and have it on the shelf within months. As soon as that happens, I stopped carrying similiar (but much better quality) items in my store. An example? Diffusers with the reeds in the glass jars. When they first came about, they were elegant, pure, beautiful bottles, and yes, pricey. But worth it. They lasted a long time, most were hand made and original. It was a matter of two years that you find this producted watered down (figuratively and literally) in the big box stores or chains. The bottles are plastic, the reeds short, and labels cheap and the "oil" evaporates in a very short amount of time. Yes, you can still find high quality diffusers, but they aren't in demand, or find them in a lot of boutiques because shop owners are finding that their customers are buying them at half the price of what shop owners can get at cost! When dealing with big box stores, with deep pockets, it does become difficult to remain competitve - but it also forces the small business owner to think "outside the box" and stay creative. I came up with my own line of diffusers - what is different about mine? My oil lasts well into 5 or 6 months, unlike the mass produced, cheaper products that don't even last half that amount of time.

Thank for sharing!

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