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January 31, 2008


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Thanks Jamie!!!

This whole tradeshow thing is one of my issues. I've been researching all the costs of the different shows (in my case, children's clothing) and the costs are ridiculous! Your post couldn't be more timely!

With friendship,

Hi Jamie,

I have so enjoyed reading your blog- so much good information! I have referred several "newbies" to it so they can learn from your experiences. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there so others can learn from it. If you are wondering who from Rocklin, CA is spending so much time on your blog today- it is me. Gotta go do so more reading!

Thank you for the feedback on tradehows, however I do have a similar question regarding showrooms. I am a relatively new manufacturer and on my first solicitation of a showroom, I was picked up...however...the showroom owner made me rush to get my product to Atlanta for the January gift show because its the biggest show of the year, blah, blah, blah...after the show was over I only had two orders, didn't make my money back from the shipping and basically no profit...NOW...its time to pay my second installment for the $75 showroom fee, but there are no sales coming in and I want out of the contract...Is this normal?

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