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January 24, 2008


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Thanks for writing, Jamie, this is great, solid advice! What bothers me is that I have no way to regulate how much money retailers charge for my products - some double the wholesale price others don't. It would be nice if it was consistent across the board, but I understand that they pay for advertising, overhead, etc. (oh, and a small detail - the company is Titania & Puck, not Tatania. They are characters from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream...)! Thanks again for responding!

I've been reading your blog over the past couple weeks and really enjoying it. This post is especially timely for me because I'm currently in the process of "going wholesale" after 4 years of strictly retailing. The pricing part has definitely been a challenge. I like your advice about cutting costs on the raw goods. I think this is one of the most flexible areas, especially as business grows, and your quantity needs increase.
Thanks for the great tips!

Oh I owe you an apology - so sorry and I read Shakesphere in honors english (my teachers would be so ashamed). I should have done a better spell check, but it was late at night...I changed it! Thanks for comment and glad I can help.

Great information - thanks~! Timely for me too, just like Cecilia, above, I'm trying to do more wholesale this year. One thing I'd like addressed is - how and where to do you find the wholesale customers, other than exhibiting at a trade show? I've been thinking about doing CA Gift, but have heard that attendance is down, and buyers aren't really buying as much. I'm not quite ready to invest in traveling to a show, so I'm in a quandry. (did I spell that right?):/

Carrie, have you tried Mywares? They are relatively new, but seem to be growing fast. It is also a reasonable cost and really well laid out site. www.mywares.com

Good topic my friend! Oh do I remember those days well! Research, research and more research is all I can say!

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