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January 10, 2008


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Okay, of course, I have to add my 2 cents!

Write a press release! Submit to any of the online press release submission vehicles (i.e. PR Web). Then, take that same press release and email it to ALL your local newspapers and local magazines, even the throwaways. I did this when I relaunched my business, and ended up getting a free profile in our local magazine. Last year, I met a reporter who wrote for the local newspaper (that I was trying to get into for 4 years!) and she came over and interviewed me - both profiles included a picture and all my business and contact information. All for free.

jaime jaime jaime...you are just the greatest!Thanks so much! I really love that you have such a consolidated schedule. I am implementing that now, and it is proving to work! thanks so much! I wish I had two cents to add, but maybe my nugget of info is...listen to the pros and gather info from those who have had success in the biz so you make as few dumb mistakes as possible!

My advice if you are serious about building your business is open your own website. Whether you sell your items direct or wholesale only, you really must be accessible online. It makes you appear to be more professional and sets you aside from the craftier folks who aren't quiet ready to go to the next step. There are plenty of places to build it yourself, no html needed, it's all WYSIWYG. Sites like Yahoo Merchant Solutions. Relatively cheap and definitely cheaper than hiring a professional web builder.

I have a question: how do I know when to have a credit card processor. I have only been receiving payments via paypal and personal check. I would assume that retailers are used to having their credit cards on file with the companies they work with. Now that I am opening my sales to other retailers, is it time to get a credit card machine? Where do I get one anyways?

I also recommend purchasing your business' domain name to receive e-mails. For me, there's nothing worse than meeting an accountant who gives me an e-mail address like bizonthebooks@yahoo.com
Complete turnoff! Go to www.godaddy.com and buy the domain name for less than 10 bucks.

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