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December 24, 2007


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Jamie –
Once again – thanks for your words of support and encouragement!
I am very excited about our decision to close our wholesale division so I can concentrate on what I love… and what I do best… design, draw and paint!
A main part of being a boss and or business owner is “delegation”… easier said than done for some of us self proclaimed control freaks! But enough is enough… I’ve decided to “delegate”… let everyone do the job they are best at… the manufactures manufacture, the sales people sell, the marketers market, and the designers design! (yeah! That’s ME.. and that’s the part I LOVE!)

As drooz studio has grown over the years – the studio was turning in more of a “factory”…which was good… but was it my original vision?… ummm NO.
Lately my main responsibilities were boiling down to more of a “managerial” category …ordering supplies, checking payroll, managing painters, monitoring production, crunching numbers, making sales calls, & following up on sales calls… leaving very little time to design new “drooz”.

I recently gave a wonderful new artist friend some advice.. “make your ‘wish’ list.. and make it happen.” It was time to listen to my own advice! Starting in January I can go to work… and just “create”! What a DREAM!

Please note…Drooz has NO intentions of fading away anytime soon! Oh… we are really just getting started! We are beginning 2008 with two amazing licensing partners – Demdaco will debut our new gift line “frogs & fairytales”, and Oopsy Daisy will premiere our art line with 100 of our top selling designs!
We even have a few more ideas hidden up our art smock sleeve! So stay tuned!

Oh Shelly....wahhh! I am sitting her making our next Sales projections, figuring out shipping schedule and work schedule. You make it sound so romantic! Please don't forget us little guys when you become the next big thing! Best of luck and I am making my BIG WISH list for 2008 right now!

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