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December 06, 2007


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You're doing great!!! We're still taking personalized orders too - but stopping on the 9th, a little before you. The whole blanket has to be made from the point of order, so we have to have a little cushion.

I completely relate to the "we could do this" and "that's a good idea" thoughts - I just wish I could do even a quarter of my ideas!!

Thanks for blogging so much and sharing!

You are right on with the tortise and the hare . This is a marathon not a sprint, you have to be able to shift off and on task . It is not an easy thing to do and would wear most people out , that's where folks like us come in. Once you have this crazy way of working into your life it's just normal. Start, Stop, Start, Stop.....
You'll have to check my blog sometime, it's not as exciting as yours but it's a little slice of my world. www.sweethappylife-julie.blogspot.com.

Julie - sometimes I sooo want to be the Hare though, I want things to happen fast and I want that over night success story. But - I know the slow and steady will win the race. Keep up the good work on the blog - would love to hear about how your shows are going -and seeing your studio is great - we all have those weeks! I drag my paints around from office to home - sad state when my studio/work room is a temp. location.

Thanks Amber - and you have me set to have some serious sales goals for 2008. I understand the making it from start to finish...I can give ya some pointers on how we do things to speed them up - efficient is my middle name. Give it time - I bet money you will figure it out and by next Christmas you will have it ALL figured out! Thanks again.

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