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December 17, 2007


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Hi Jamie,
It's funny sometimes what a small world it is. I have been enjoying your entrepreneur posts and had to giggle because I was already familar with each one. Last year I was chosen to "pitch my product" to Country Living at an Entrepreneurs event. Warm Biscut(Vicki) was on a panel that spoke about her experiences in the business world.
The key note speaker was Vera Bradley's co founder, she spoke about taking your product to market and the connections you make at market and how valueable they can be in the future. So, I decide at that event I am taking Stella Jane to market in July in Atlanta! So I do and who do I meet.. You and London. London even gives me her copy of Earnshaws that had my first PR write up . Fast forward a few months and I am invited into the Mama Mia showroom where I am now with Suzanne and Shelly and many other talented women and their wonderful products. That is just bizarre!!
Check out my blog I posted some pics from my studio www.sweethappylife-julie.blogspot.com
If I don't post again before Christmas have a Very Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year.

Julie - that is funny, I did not know you met Vicki. I happen to know you will know at least one other person on the interview circuit. And, you forget that you have another link - you were reading this blog I think before I met you at Atlanta - you emailed me before we met.
Thanks for reading!

Julie, you must be an earshaw's favorite, weren't you just in there again recently? You seem to be all over the place. Way to go! Congrats on the success. I'm jealous that you girls have all met Vicki and I only know her through email. Maybe one show we can all get together for drinks :)

loving the interviews girl! Can't wait to read the rest.

What a small world:) Julie, great to see you on this blog too! Jaime, did you get shelly's email yesterday explaining her move from wholesale to Oopsy daisy? No more wholesale...how would that be!I too love shelly's work. I have been able to meet her through Kelly anderson, and have been able to chat with her a few times about business, and I just love her. So nice to have good people in the biz who are doing great things...as you are jaime! Merry christmas!


So nice to have good people in the biz who are doing great things, I like this very much, anyway good luck.

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