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December 20, 2007


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Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you are able to enjoy some wonderful family traditions and maybe make a few new ones. May all your dreams come true in 2008.
Blessings, julie

Oh Julie - thank you so much! Our holiday was nice, the kids had a wonderful time. ALL my dreams come true - I hope so too, cause I have some pretty lofty dreams!! Look forward to reading more of your blog this year, and see that studio work!

Julie - thanks for commentng so much and even with our loss our holiday was nice, the kids had a good time. I can not wait to hear how Atlanta goes for you - and the Mama Mia Show Room. Best of luck in the coming month - I will check your blog for details...you know I LOVE details!

So funny. I just met Amber and Baby Fabulous at the Boom Boom Room in LA. She gave my son the cutest hat and said his picture will be up on her website soon. I too am a momtrepreneur. I brough www.cottoseedclothing.com to LA. Aside from the celebrities, and press, I met the most amazing people. So many of the business owners are moms like us, working and mommying all at once. It is so helpful to know that it is this hard for everyone, because it is certainly hard for me. Though I wouldn't choose any other road.


Hi Erin - thank you for comment and I agree, you either have the 'entrepreneur gene' or you don't. It's kind of like being a 'tiny bit' pregnant = not the case. So jealous you got to meet Amber at the Boom Boom Room - she is amazing, and super talented.

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