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November 01, 2007


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Soooo funny, I'm loving the spandex pants. Where can I get a pair? I'm jealous that you got to spend the day at school with the kids. I typically don't volunteer for parties or teacher help until after Christmas. I've learned in the past that it only makes me cranky because I'm so swamped with work, when I should really be enjoying it. So I commit in the spring when things are a little less hectic. But I miss my favorite school parties that way. The kids look awesome and I'm loving the spider dog!!

I also volunteer at my daughter's school once a week for the very same reason, so she doesn't think that all mommy does is sew. Control issues, also familiar. Shall I recount the birthday party where the kids followed a life-size candyland board through the house? My husband's comment: "Cant we just have a NORMAL birthday party?"
Enjoying your blog! :)

London - I am NOT wearing spandex, baggy comfy capri's - and you can not see the super fab white keds, got my friends out fit down to a T. I ussually do the same thing and NEVER help in the Fall...but we have talked about how I have employees who help me out.... :). I worked all last weekend so I could attend. Thanks for the nice comment.

Robin - thanks for the comment! Great blog, I just popped over and saw all your work, I need to keep reading. BTW my husband says that to me all the time....I swear I can not do it any other way, the best (or worst) part is my kids now get involved with crazy ideas!

LOOOOVE it Jamie! You're costume ROCKS! Your friend is gunna soooo get you later!! I volunteered on Halloween too and it was sooo nice to just clock out and be 100% there. Instead of thinking of the "Product Inquiry" emails that were stacking up in my inbox... :-P

I have plans to write about being blind-sided by Halloween too. I came to the conclusion (as I was not making it into the office much either) that as business owner MOMS, we have to consider the FACT that holidays will not be work days.

That way, if we make it into the office, we'll feel GOOD instead of BAD for what we didn't do, when we're doing much more important stuff for our kids anyways.

Love the costume!

Amber - hey there thanks for the comment and you are a step ahead of me - it took me, what 5 years till I realized this was just the way it would be. I have been on all the field trips so far - Super Mom if you will. I have warned everyone not to expect to see me for anything except Thanksgiving and Christmas Parties - too busy!

Hi - sorry for the delay in responding to you. It is a hard decision to make, and it is very expensive. I do not know enough about your financial situation or your product line. You may consider sharing a booth with another, or trying a show closer to home first. Good luck to you - and please let me know what you decide to do!

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