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November 19, 2007


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the logo thing can drive you nuts can't it. good advice though about when your starting out don't over stress about it.

i have been trying to change my logo for the past couple of years and it's funny cause everyone always goes back to the original one. you having experienced eyes, which one did you vote for on my site? just curious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love my 3 room studio, or maybe it's the free rent I love more. Ya, that's it! I've been through several logos and still don't like the one I have now. But don't care enough to change it right now. Too many other hurdles to get over. I love seeing the before and after of your business!! makes me feel normal. LOL! And Michelle, I like your current logo best, I voted :)

If THIS is an example of your blogging -- I'm gonna have to read it ALL.

Happy Turkey Day and more importantly --



Oh gosh, I hope that is a good thing - yep this would be the blog - the good, the bad and the very sleepy Mommy that runs a business. I like to give an honest look at what it takes to do what I do. Welcome and thank you for the kind words - five years, I know I can not believe it's been that long!

London - thanks for comments, ya I love my logo too - and I love that my friend did it for me. I will have to tell my husband he did not win in the logo contest of 2007. I am sooooo jealous of your 3 room studio (wink wink!) - I can't wait to spread my art all over our office - my husband is moving his home office to another room in the house. My project for Jan of '08.

Michelle - I could not decide which logo I liked best - I Like them all, I really do. The logo is always there too, I stare at it and I want to go cross-eyed from looking at it too long. I do love my logo - I just think about it too much - hence the artist in me always wants to tinker with things way too much

Congratulations on five years!! Great post. I can't second enough having a professional do the logo. It lifted such a weight off my shoulders. Your post is a good reminder to bring in help when it's needed - something I really need to get better at doing.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Amber - thanks for the comment, I am so behind oh thanking or re-commenting on comments. I do not know which end is up this time of the year...and it has just begun! I now LOVE to hand things off and let experts or others take the reign - I used to be total control freak, now I let things go. Hope you had a great holiday too!

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