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November 12, 2007


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Congratulations! That is great press and I did see the Posh Tots email, everyone should click on it, they did a great job. Ahhhh, BabyBox. Katherine's the best and was my very first account, years ago. Where would we be without our great channels that go above and beyond for us?

How funny that that was both our first accounts! Great to know she takes risks on those of that really needed a break! Thanks for the comment and the kind words - baby steps....

That is wonderful ... good for you and right at the holidays, perfect!

Congratulations Jamie! That's sweet! That PoshTots newsletter feature is AMAZING! I bet you get TONS of sales for the holidays! Talk about getting a break in the beginning - my first thing to paint EVER IN MY LIFE was my cowboy crib for WarmBiscuit! That Vickie is a Saint! lol Oh man. I think back at the CAHONES I had to even try it. Man...

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