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October 21, 2007


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Jamie, thanks for bringing this to my attention...last week my mom bought me Jessica's book and I've made several recipes already with it. I didn't know about the previous one (which I will now buy) because, yes, my Mom saw Jessica on Oprah (18 pairs of shoes is also a copy from what Sarah Jessica Parker gave Oprah, interesting!) and bought it for me at Target, is the other book even at Target? Maybe not. Ironically both DO have a picture of someone "shh-ing" on the cover, if it's not a copy, then why do the same logo concept? That said, I'm sure that Jessica had to have been working on her recipes for months (before the other one was released) because you just don't come up with 30+ recipes in a month, it requires a lot of effort, even if you hire a chef, so likely it is true that their paths crossed without knowing it initially.

When I was going to do http://www.PrincessSweet.com (you can see the video pitch) it was 2004 BEFORE I saw any of the Club Libby Lu's and other Princess Tea Party stores that are since out there...while I desperately WANTED to do this concept, won 2nd place at a national business plan competition and tried to raise funds for nearly 1 year to do it, (and really no one still to this day could ever execute like I originally was going to do), ultimately it would still be seen as a "Me too" business and be difficult without the kind of PR and aggressive marketing plan to get it noticed and the national retail expansion would be impossible without millions, literally. So, I put it aside for the eternities and moved forward with Startup Princess because it had momentum and even though there ARE other companies who support women entrepreneurs, we do have a unique spin, brand, and it didn't take millions to get it noticed in Entrepreneur or Costco Connection last Spring.

So, what's the answer to all of this? Yes, you can do anything with money, however, to be original it takes looking at the current market and asking yourself, is my contribution a "Me Too?" and if it IS, then ask "what can I offer that will set it apart and make it worthwhile for others to purchase and so at the end of the day you can say "The world is a better place because my concept exists"

Thanks for the comment - and the post said tha tthe other book came out 8 months earlier. Coincidence - probably, the thougth that no idea is new is proably true. Money CAN make things happen, and it is all who you know. I just found it interesting.

See, my problem is a little less clear-cut. I'm The Mommy Blog. Have been since 2002. Don't think anyone called themselves that prior to that. I have the domains, all of them. Yet I am finding a new "The Mommy Blog" every five flipping minutes and it's driving me up a wall. Is the name too generic, like "Kleenex," where the name of the company has entered the vernacular and is eventually treated as public domain? GAH. Hey, this may be a post on my blog soon!

Ah Miss Mommy Blog - now I would be totally irritated if I was you, but when I did a search for fun, funny, mom blogs you came up first. When I was actually featured in an article in the SF Chronicle - the reporter called me a Mompreneur. The two women who wrote a book, and trade marked the term - sent a nasty email saying it could not be used....amusing at the time. I think there is a difference between totally copying and someting similar - but don't get me started you all KNOW how I feel! :) Thanks for the post!

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