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October 18, 2007


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I agree with Susan, but you wouldn't be human if it didn't make you mad to have your work and ideas copied!

Very true - and some of us get madder than others, it is just in our uh "creative nature" they would say? I know it happens all the time - it is just frustrating. I will try and stay on the sunny side life for now - and think positive :).

I have a simple philosophy that there is enough for everyone. I hate copy cats. I DO NOT THINK IT'S FLATTERING, but at the same time....how cool are you that people want to copy you? I completely agree about Drooz Studio's work. Shelley has more people knocking her off than I could shake a stick at! I KNOW people who've done it. It makes me, as an artist, cringe.
As my line grows, I have more and more people tell me that there's a hair dresser in small town USA copying me or there's a booth on the 3rd floor of the apparel mart with similar designs, but not as cute. My favorite is the lady who told me back in January that SHE was the original one to make my key fobs, but yet she's having them made in China. And they lack quality. Design is a huge part, but quality and service are also a big part of it. I have also found that there is a market for everyone. I have no problem with someone wanting to make keyfobs, but get your own designs. So, that said---be creative! And THANKS for bringing it up. I'm so glad I found your blog.

Hi there - and nice to meet ya! Thanks for the great comment - it is so true, and I hate to actually dwell on it but - it must be talked about. I hope it just makes ONE knock-off-not-really-an-artist person type decide to NOT knock me, or any of us off! Your products are great - and nice recent PR - watch out Oprah!

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It is a delicate issue, but I think that it is in our nature to angry when it happens.

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