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September 26, 2007


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Thanks for the plug...! We TRY to get it right in fact we try really hard...and the one lesson I've learned over the years, is that good (not exceptional even) consistent customer service is HARD to achieve.

We talk about it, obsess over it and try to walk the walk...and SOMETIMES we get it right. Other times, we fail. This makes us feel terrible, keeps me up at night, etc. But we pick ourselves up ask what we learned and move forward.

At the end of the day...that is all we can really do. Try, try and try again.


I agree 100%. Customer service is what keeps a customer coming back and I would say that 75% of my business is repeat business. We recently lost an order due to a computer crash and I spoke with the confused customer this week. My solution - I am sending her order immediately and I'm not charging her a dime. She fully expected to pay for it still, but the mistake was ours, it missed the deadline date and I want her continued business. It's a no brainer for me, but she was beyond grateful and will order again and even said she has told friends about us. Word of mouth referrals is one of the best marketing tools around. I find that customers are amazingly surprised when they find an online company that gives them top of the line customer service, they expect less from internet businesses for some crazy reason.

I AM So HAPPY that I came across your Blog today! WOW!
What a breath of FRESH air YOU are!!!
I am ALL ABOUT customer service to a FAULT!
MY whole last 15 years has been about Customer service & DONATING!!!!!!
I so want to please everyone I guess i just wanted to get my product out to so many that I forgot about ME! = (making money & moving forward, learning & growing....)
I got caught up in way too much with PLEASING EVERYONE & all the DRAMA with LIFE and 4 Little babies.... that I forgot what I was trying to do. (well.... I didn't forget totally, but I didn't want to confront it all at once I guess....)
It all started with starting a product because of having a newborn & creating something myself..... one persons "praise" led to it all & in the trials & erros of it all I got carried away with donations, school fundraisers, "HELPING" friends REDO their entire rooms.... etc..... well this MOMMMY got tired of it but continued to create, but not making any money & still spending tons of it & just spengin too much time on a no win plan..BUT when your a MOMMY & YOUR SUPER BUSY & do not get alot of sleep, Im not quite thinking reasonably. I have 5 little girls. 4 at 3 diff. schools & a 8 month starting to walk! Im not around mommys even though im all about children & have my own & others always with me. I guess sometimes they think what's one more... she's busy with them, i'll stay away???? well.. not sure why, we just moved here from another state sooo its just been all around difficult for me.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comming here finding YOUR sweet honest self really gave me hope to just surround myself with LIKE minded individuals.... im glad I found your blog & hope to find many more in your trails.... I NEED to find REAL MOMMIES that CARE, are HONEST & Family Comes FIRST!!!
THERE IS A WAY......I KNOW IT, I JUST GOT SIDE TRACKED. (Believe me... I Made GREAT contacts along the way, some really SUCCESSFUL & FABULOUS, however,..... I let little negative people bring me down) NOW ITS TIME TO GET ME BACK & MY FAMILY PROUD OF ME AGAIN!!!!
I so look forward to meeting you & seeing you GROW even more!
Joelle XO

Joelle, Nice to meet ya and SO glad you like the blog. I saw your blog and you have some AMAZING beautiful items, wow - just amazing. Five girls - wow again! Congrats on your success - what is your company? I would love to see more your stuff. I have met some amazing entrepreneurs from this blog - it is a good way to talk with other "crazy-like minded creative people" ! Please keep posting!

You sound like a fabulous person to do business with. That is sadly uncommon these days!

Ah thanks Mama Zen - I am GREAT to deal with.....that is what I tell everyone ;)! And from your blog - I am thinking Baby Puppy would love a Princess/Ballerina/Butterfly/Fairy type of sparkley plaque thingie....Kidding. Hopefully I will take my cranky pants off and post some positive stuff....take care!

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.


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