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September 18, 2007


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Boot Camp, baby. www.bayareabootcamp.com

But seriously, I use exercise for stress relief. Yoga is wonderful and can be both physically taxing and meditative at the same time, but my latest adventure w/ boot camp is a HUGE stress reliever. As an added bonus, exercising gives you more energy. (not that you have ever lacked energy)

Glad to see you are posting again.... I was begining to wonder what happened to you! There was no mention of you actually "hearing" the stress monster talk to you at 3 a.m.... so as your therapist friend I will diagnose this as "healthy" stress - I like to refer to it as drive and ambition :) You Go girl.

I guess all of us have encountered stress in our lives, despite of that we should stay calm and focus on necessary things in life. In this coming holiday season I have planned to visit a spa with my friends as my Christmas gift to them just to relieve stress from works. That's gonna be fun experience.

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