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September 09, 2007


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Does this mean that you're not giving me Oprah's phone number?

Seriously, great post! I don't know how anyone lives without email.

(I'll try not to comment 15 times. Last visit, I had some difficulty . . .)

Yup, email is a wonderful thing. I was on vacation for more than a week, going through email withdraw. Didn't miss a phone a bit!

YES!! YES!! YES!!! All I can say is that saving email helped me win a lawsuit, or settlement in court because I had saved all of my correspondence and dip-wad had not! Sweet Justice.

I can also say that I'm on the blackberry bandwagon, but not loving it yet. It's only been a week. But after having my computer hard drive crash last week and losing all of this past years emails, I was frantic! Luckily all was recovered except this past month. But I would die if I lost everything. I do the same tracking with my orders and have on many occasions re-sent an email proving I had sent it to certian channels. I also KNOW when I haven't received an order, no questions asked.

Good post!!

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