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July 24, 2007


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Very Funny! I wasn't sitting with my head in my hands, I was hiding under the table with my badonkadonk butt in the air. All the while, you were asleep in your chair with your head back against the wall!

Kidding of course, but we had to have SOME fun during the slow spells, or to at least keep ourselves laughing. Which we were quite good at! Taking fun pictures seemed to do the job, in between the beer runs. LOL! Kidding again of course!

Hey you forgot the "low-rent" explanation. :)

As a business person in the trade show marketing business, I can say you are absolutely right and I would advice anyone thinking of trade show marketing to listen to it.

Thanks for updating us with the nice information.

Thanks for the post. Good info and ideas. I have my own (very) small business. Mostly internet sales, but I'd like to open doors to actual STORES. Hopefully some "buyers" will see my product and would die to have them in their stores! (Well, not REALLY die, but you know!) I've done a few SMALL shows, and now I'm exhibiting at an "Ultimate Women's Expo." Pretty big deal...so was the price to exhibit! I'm hoping I'm doing this right!!! Thanks again. Om Shanti~ Amy

Amy thank you for the comment. Good luck to you and take the plunge it is well worth it! Let me know how the Ultimate Women's Expo is for you!

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