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July 06, 2007


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Recently I received a comment to this post that I have elected not to publish.

First off, the comment was from an "Anonymous" person. If someone wants to call me out, I have no problem with constructive criticism, actually I welcome it However, please do not do this under the guise of nobody.

For everyone out there, the comments were along the lines of not respecting me as a business person anymore because I get irritated with people going through my recycling bins (for which I have to pay for each month full or empty), and dumping their trash in my trash bins (again, for which I pay for, and pay extra when they are overflowing).

As a business owner who elects to reinvest any profits back into the growth of the business, I do not think that I am being unreasonable.

Well, my only question is......why didn't this person that posted this comment consider the fact that the garbage scroungers should have asked YOU if they could have the items first? I'm sure you would have been thrilled to save the money on pick-up if they would have scheduled a weekly pick-up themselves.

Why were you the bad guy in this scenerio? Isn't going through someones trash as violating as going through someones mailbox for the um, junk mail? Which is illegal by the way! What if there was proprietary information in that recycle bin? Isn't this how credit card theft happens?

Hmmmm, maybe the scroungers got your blog address from one of your recycled pieces of paper and are lashing out at you or maybe they go through peoples trash themselves. Just a thought.

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