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June 24, 2007


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I would like to share two other groups that have been successfully assisting women business owners for years that you might want to consider.

The Count Me In Group http://www.countmein.org/site/ has been actively assisting women business owners succeed in many different ways. Their Make Mine a Million program has assisted a number of women business owners to achieve remarkable successes in very short time spans.

We at The Coach Connection have devoted a special web site, http://www.findyourcoach.com/0o-workingmother-coach.htm and resources to assist women business owners (especially mothers) to thrive at and enjoy being a successful owner and a mother at the same time, without guilt and without conflicts.

We hope you and your readers get as much benefit as other women business owners and mothers have.

Hi Bill,
Thanks those are great resources.

Wow thanks, Jamie, for spreading the word about Start Up Princess! We appreciate your generous mention and referral to your audience. Anyone who is a woman entrepreneur who is reading this post, please hop on over to Start Up Princess.com and see what we're up to and then send me an email to tell us about YOUR start up. ;)

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