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November 09, 2010


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I am in the same boat as you.

Times are tough and business is bad and sales are down... way down. And trying to find a job outside of my business has also proved futile since people seem to think those owning their own business won't make good employees. Seriously, what are they thinking? We'd make darn good employees!

But that tad of reality aside...

I don't think people ask, "How are you doing" to know the truth, I think it's more of a salutation sort of thing... something they say in passing hoping you'll just give a trite response.

I've met many people who are in the same boat as us, but they won't admit it publicly for fear that it will hurt any chance of future sales, as though it would give them some sort of scarlet letter.

Personally, I think spilling all our guts may not be the answer, but acknowledging some sort of truth about the reality of our economy is vital to changing it.

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