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May 14, 2010


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go you!!! it's hard to feel professional or even serious when everyone around you isn't pulling their "serious" weight. ugh! I think you're products are wonderful, but I'm in an economy slump too, I'm working on the food, shelter, clothing angle. hugs!

Ha! My favorite emails are those addressed to "Mr. Info". I guess because my email address is info@staciedaledesigns.com, my name is "info" and of course, they address me as a man! If you're a salesman/woman, do your homework on who you're pitching...otherwise, you're wasting my time and yours.

Hi Jamie! This is Bob, and or Todd, the author of the well-crafted (I imagine that's sarcasm) email marketing blast. Well, it's more than a year later but I have finally found out a little about you and your products! I am always inspired by creative entrepreneurs such as yourself that find a product void and have the passion and fortitude fulfill it. I love the creativity and uniqueness of your products and I am seriously thinking about purchasing a few items for Christmas gifts. Even after assessing your product offering I wouldn’t be able to determine whether or not exhibiting is in the best interest of your marketing strategy because there are too many variables to factor, but I can help you exhibit your products successfully should you decide that is the right strategy for you. It is awfully difficult to personalize 800 emails twice a month so I apologize it took this long for me to get to know you, but I’m glad I did. By the way, thank you for blogging about me as it created an indirect lead for me some 17 months later! Happy Holidays! – Bob(Todd)

Hi Bob - I was trying to protect your identity when I wrote this post. It was actually 19 months ago and I applaud you for finally getting back to me. I think you have just inspired me to write yet another blog post.....so thank you!

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