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January 15, 2009


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Hi Jamie!

It's true the economy is down and while we all hope for things to turn around. Your product is SO CUTE and your are always coming out with cute new items, I am sure things will look up for you in 2009!!!

Also, your childrens rooms are adorable, best wishes on your photo spread. I am sure you will get things done for it, while beating a cold.

Feel better soon, Kris

The rooms look great already and I know the garage is awesome. So no worries, you will get it done just like you always do! But one question. Why do all your paint bottles have a "J" labeled on them? ARe you worried that Darin will steal them? LOL!
It reminds me of college when we would label all our casette tapes (okay, so I just dated myself) and even food with our initials to keep the rommies hands off everyone elses junk. too funny!

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